Formitize – another way to digitize your paper forms

Formitize is a customizable solution for moving from paper-based forms to electronic-based format. The good news for the users is that it comes with a well-documented Help portal with a lot of videos, all linked to their specific screens.

The solution has a wide variety of uses from jobs to house inspections, quality assurance, sales and many others.

Formitize is described by its creators as an “all in one solution that includes CRM, Job Management, Scheduling, Document Management, Sales Pipeline, Quote and Invoicing Solutions together with flexible forms that can be adapted to any industry or business process.”

The Formitize mobile app gives people on the field the access to the documentation and forms they need for their daily work.

I'll dive into the product's features to give you an idea of what it can do for you. A full comprehensive support page can be accessed here.


The Formitize CRM is a fully integrated, cloud-based Customer Relationship Management System. It can store customer and supplier contact information, records all communications, transactions, job details, sales leads, quoted invoices and keeps history with those contacts. It includes an internal Task Management system, a Lead Follow Up solution and a Job Quoting solution.

The Management Portal

The place where the accounts details, settings and user permissions are configured is called Management Portal. It is a secure website optimised for Google Chrome and has a number of elements that the mobile app does not have – the full scheduler and a number of account customizations and User Settings.

The Mobile App

The Mobile App has the same functionality as the Management Portal but is optimized to work on Android and Apple mobile devices (phones and tablets).


As with any web applications, customisations are one of their strengths. Via the Management portal, with no programming experience, users can change: logos and colours, form headers and logos, PDF Reports and invoice forms or the colour and logo of the portal itself.


The CRM in Formitize has a complete two-way integration with Xero. Invoices can post from Xero to Formitize or vice-versa.

The two-way integration with Xero also brings into Formitize all data including Customers, Suppliers, Invoices, Purchases, Line Items and Tax Rates. It is a very comprehensive integration that syncs all data between the two systems.

Formitize can also push invoices into MYOB Essentials or Intuit Quickbooks, it's a one-way integration though.


Payments can be recorded on the invoice page. Payments can also be taken directly through in the App if an account with is set up. When taking payments, a card gateway will open.


In CRM you can configure automated SMS text messages for updates, reminders or general notifications. The SMS functionality must be done through Formitize provider and a time restriction can be set for the hours that SMS messages are sent to recipients.

Email Integrations

Emails can be sent through Formitize, however integrations with Gmail or other packages is not supported.


Paper forms can be replicated into mobile forms and used in the office or out in the field. You can use all sorts of forms - from safety checklists to comprehensive Risk Assessments, Pre-Starts, Toolbox Talks, and Safe Work Method Statements.

The CSV Report Building Tool is a very useful way to generate reports based on information being collected in any of the forms.

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